U of M student awarded $4.5M

AP (August 16): Lawyer ordered to pay $4.5M to gay U-M student

DETROIT – A jury on Thursday awarded a gay University of Michigan student body president $4.5 million in his lawsuit against a former Michigan assistant attorney general who posted about him in an anti-gay blog.

Armstrong accused Shirvell of defamation as well as emotional distress for his actions on the blog, in Facebook posts and during visits to the Ann Arbor campus.

“I’m just incredibly humbled by what happened today,” Armstrong told The Associated Press. “This is truly a victory — not just for myself, but for a lot of other kids out there.”

Full article here.


2 thoughts on “U of M student awarded $4.5M

    • He is indeed. I guess he thinks he’s the victim now, what with his harassment of an undergraduate student while on the state payroll (and on the clock) costing him his job and now this legal judgment. I am so happy for Christopher, though, and that he is being vindicated like this. What this guy did to him is unconscionable.

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